Professions and mediation

This space, blending knowledge, creation, and presentation, offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to explore the history and techniques of watchmaking through several stations: the Comptoir Horloger, Ludotemps and the Watchmaker’s Workbench.

The Comptoir Horloger

With its two digital tables, visitors can discover the professions of watchmaking and understand how mechanical watch work. Fully interactive, the tables also allow visitors to test their watchmaking knowledge through quizzes and interactive games.


A 3D tool created in collaboration with WOSTEP and the watchmaking school of the region (ETVJ), the Ludotemps allows you to understans and assemble the gears of a watch and the mechanisms that make it work.


The demonstration workbench aims to showcase the watchmaking professions and, at the same time, inspire vocations. The museum invites students and professionals to share their knowledge and passion with visitors.

Watchmaking, jewelery, enamelling, and many other professions will no longer hold secrets for you!

The Albert Jean Collection

Throughout his life, Mr. Albert Jean collected over 200 Comtoise clocks. In 1996, his wife, Mrs. Mergene Revel, donated the collection to the Espace Horloger, which has been responsible for its conservation ever since. Several of the pieces on display have been restored by the teachers and apprentice watchmakers of the École Technique de la Vallée de Joux (ETVJ). This “fragment” of the collection highlights the unique mechanisms and decorations of the Comtoise clocks, such as their ornate pediments and dials.