From the Gidéon collection to the Albert Jean collection, the Museum holds several collections of timepieces originating from all over the world.

Watchmaking farms

Every year with the approach of winter, the Joux Valley was plunged into a period of introspection. Life then was confined to the interior of farms. Dictated by the climate and the activities of the local populace - les Combiers - the architecture of traditional dwellings is solid and imposing.


Gidéon Collection

This international exhibition presents a selection of horological instruments made between the 16th and 19th centuries. Table and travel clocks, Gothic and planetary clocks are just some examples of the timepieces that decorated the interiors of the European nobility and wealthy middle classes.


Joux Valley Collection

From the origins of the Joux Valley to the extremely complicated mechanisms that leave workshops on a daily basis today, the social and economic history of the Joux Valley, the development of artistic movements and fashions, and also the technical and mechanical aspects of Joux Valley watchmaking are viewed through the watchmaker’s eyeglass.

All information concerning clock and watch components is accessible via touch screens that serve as information terminals for every display case. Visitors can therefore spend time in this area with their own tablet or smartphone.