Treasure hunt - "Le Trésor du Temps"
du 5/16/2014 au 5/30/2015
An old legend comes to light……….a treasure hunt is launched!
Join in a fabulous adventure searching for a real treasure of the watchmaker’s art from the Vallée de Joux:  a unique 18ct minute repeater watch, dated 1870, made by a very special 19th century master watchmaker,  Louis-Benjamin Audemars.
Solve the ten puzzles contained in a book and pin-point the precise hiding place of the treasure.  Then all you have to do is dig up the token and the treasure is yours!
You can see the treasure itself in the exhibition in the Horological Museum (L’Espace Horloger) of the Vallée de Joux, from the 15th May 2014 right up to April 2015.
Why not take advantage of a reduction in the admission charge by showing your copy of the treasure hunt book, and join in this new adventure, both exhibition and game of discovery.  You can hunt on the ground or from the comfort of your own home.
The book of clues is already on sale.  Order it now for delivery on 16th May, when the Hunt begins.  Be one of the first on the treasure trail!

With the support of :

- Fondation Paul-Edouard Piguet
- La Loterie Romande
- Fondation Ernst Göhner
- L'Office du Tourisme de la Vallée de Joux
- Imprimerie Baudat