Welcome to the ESPACE HORLOGER

Welcome to the Joux Valley Museum of Watchmaking! In 2012 our centre has undergone a transformation, a process of revitalization that began by redefining its basic identity: that of a museum. Not only a museum, but one with a contemporary appeal, a point insisted upon more than ever by the founders. The Museum seeks to stand out and assert its personality by offering an original presentation of watchmaking, its history and its skills through avant-garde interactive and instructive media. It is an approach which, together with local watchmaking history, we are sure will make its mark! On the first floor, the expertise and skills of watchmaking await, plus the chance to really “get under the skin” of a watchmaker! Explanations and demonstrations will perhaps kindle the spark of a future interest or career. Climb the stairs for a journey through time from China to England. Then discover the essential role played by the Vallée de Joux and its horological Grand Complications.


Skills tables, 3D films and Ludotemps are among the new attractions that await you on the first floor of the Joux Valley Museum of Watchmaking. Its 500 m2 of floor space has a unique vocation: to highlight the region and its watchmaking genius. The method: total immersion in the world of a Joux Valley watchmaker.